Meet your 2016 Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club volunteer board

The Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club has always been and remains a private entity because as members, you are part owner. But the reason our club continues to add both entertainment and investment value to the Northcrest neighborhood is thanks to volunteers who agree to take on year-long responsibilities. Board members receive no financial or in-kind compensation. Some give up their nights and weekends keeping up with pool business while others lend their professional services and skilled talents. But all board members share a passion for their neighborhood and a desire to make living in Northcrest a unique and worthwhile experience.

They can’t do it alone. If you would like to lend a hand for an hour, a weekend or wish to take on a board responsibility, call 770.580.3052 or contact the board online. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you can contribute!

Jim Taylor
With many years of marketing and public relations experience within the water park, theme park and hospitality industries, Jim’s focus as president is to grow membership by increasing membership value. Almost as handy with a tool box as he is with a pen, he also enjoys tackling small repair and landscape projects that help make the club look nice for his fellow members. Jim and his wife Shre have lived in Northcrest since 2010 and enjoy chilling at the pool with their toddler, Jack. [Contact Jim]

Deirdre Livingston
Deirdre applies her years of experience keeping multi-million dollar corporate budgets in line as volunteer finance director. A member since 2000, she provides marketing and financial guidance that consider the economics of the club’s investment choices. Her impeccable attention to detail and cost-saving strategies are helping the board through some much-needed improvements and ensuring the long-term viability of your Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club. Deirdre loves catching up with friends and neighbors at most every Northcrest social event.

Art Gomez
Membership Services
A long-time neighbor and member of the board, Art manages membership services for the club. He works closely with the marketing and finance to help ensure our membership involvement stays strong. Art rarely misses an opportunity to volunteer and mingle with members at our many social events.

Joshua Lott
Tennis Consultant
Josh is a relative newcomer to the neighborhood, but has shown a real passion for helping it grow. In his second year on the board, he lends his professional expertise as well as his tennis knowledge to the club.

Kathleen Curry 
Member At-Large
An architect by day, Kathleen lends her expertise to consult on design projects around the club. More importantly, she’s a Northcrest mommy who can often be found escorting her little one as she catches up with playmates at the pool. Mr. Curry is her multi-talented, rock star husband who serves on the volunteer landscaping crew.

Gretchen Hull
Member At-Large
If there is a need, Gretchen is there to volunteer. Members with her husband for about four years now, she pitches in to trim trees, paint, clean, or run social events. An all-around volunteer serving the membership of the club!

Social Event Committee
Social events are a defining feature of Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club and they take a LOT of work. This isn’t the product of one person, but multiple volunteers throughout the year. We’re fortunate to have a team of volunteer members contributing in one way or another to this committee. If you’re interested in lending a hand — whether it be folding a few tablecloths, confirming reservations or serving — Contact Us!