Pavilion facilities are always open, on a first come-first serve basis, to Northcrest members for family meals or relaxing. A small, poolside covered picnic table area is also first come-first during the swim season. However, reservations can be made to host your next birthday party, meeting, gala event, silent protest or other special occasion.

Small groups (less than 25 persons total):
Pavilion or poolside picnic table seating reservations are available for $35 with advance notice for your gathering. Standard guest policy applies ($3 each.) 

Large Groups (25 or more persons):
Parties of 25 individuals or more (total attendees) must employ a lifeguard provided by the Club for $60. The $35 seating reservation fee is waived and non-member guests are offered at the discounted rate of $2 each.

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Part Rental Highlights:

1. Party rentals of all kinds are limited to members ONLY, unless approved by the board. 

2. Party rental times must be approved by a board member and must not conflict with other events (social events or other previously-scheduled private events). Seating reservations do not include exclusive access to pools or other club facilities and other members must be allowed access to these areas.

3. Pavilion-only rental fee is $35 for 4-6 hours. Otherwise, it is first come, first-served for members.

4. Wading pool picnic tables can be arranged for larger parties and reserved for a base fee of $35 for 2-4 hours. This is the most popular option for children’s parties and includes pavilion tables reservation for grilling, food serving, etc. This fee is waived for parties of 25 or more (but requires a lifeguard).

5. Parties of 25 or more (members or not) require the addition of an additional lifeguard for a minimum of 4 hours at $60 total. Additional lifeguards are needed for each additional 25 persons. Additional lifeguard time is available in 30 minute increments based on the $15 hourly rate. 

6. Normal guest fee ($3 each) applies for access to pool deck, but is discounted to $2 for parties of 25 or more.

7. Members must supply date, time and approximate attendance of party as far in advance as possible and no later than 7 days in advance for parties of 25 or more. A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. Remainder is calculated and paid at the event. No deposit refunds are given for parties canceled less than 3 days before event date.

8. ALL guests must sign a swim waiver. Members are responsible for their guests and ensuring proper adult supervision for everyone in attendance. Lifeguards are given complete authority over aquatic operations by the board of trustees.

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